“We always liked to play with wood,” says Jim Jarding of Jarding Construction, “That's why we figured we should find a business that paid us for doing it,” he added. Which probably explains why there are certain things that distinguish a homes they build giving them that recognizable Jarding Touch.

It all begins with wood. Whether it's cabinets, fireplace surrounds or simple to eloquent millwork, wood finishing in a house built by Jarding Construction sets their homes apart from the rest. “We like doing cabinetry,” says Jim Jarding , “It's fun when the customer wants something different.” With Jarding Construction the variety of wood gives homeowners a flexibility to turn their ideas into reality.. Though one may most commonly find oak and birch used in custom cabinetry and millwork in a Jarding home you may see a variety of species from red oak to white oak to Maple or walnut, cedar or pine.

Also, because Jarding Construction has a machine to cut their own millwork for cabinets, moldings and bases, they can design and control the quality and specifications to meet customers requests. “We cut our own knives and can control the speed of the cut to create the exact shape and smoothness that we need,” says Jarding.

Wood is not the only thing that gives a new home owner the Jarding Touch. The finishings on their drywall are some of the most unique in the market. “We notice when people look at our homes they often touch the walls,” noted Jarding, “not only does our drywall company do unique things in terms of texture, but color, as well.

Over the years Jardings have developed relationships with a variety of subcontractors that produce superior results. “We get the best results when we use the same companies all the time," says Jim Jarding.  He added, "It's better for us and better for our customers." The Jarding philosophy is to get their customers the best value for their money and that means to hire the best people for the job. “We know our sub-contractors will give customers what they want and give us good service," says Jim Jarding.

When it comes to providing the Jarding touch, Jim says the real key to a successful building experience is communications. All the decisions that have to be made when building a house can be very stressful.   Jarding said, "People are going to live in their homes for a long time, it is important for them to know we are going to be there to deal with whatever concerns them."

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