When the Beatles sang, ".and all I have to do is act naturally.." they could just as well have been singing the marketing and development theme song for Humboldt, South Dakota's long time developer of quality homes, Jarding Construction. "My oldest brother was a union carpenter and he taught me a lot about carpentry," says 72 year old Jim Jarding, Sr. "We built mom and dad's house and a lot of buildings. I guess it just comes naturally."

When in 1976 Humboldt's only two contractors retired, Jim, Sr. sensed an opportunity to funnel the energy of his four growing boys (Charles, Jim, Jr, John and Bob) into a small enterprise. "Our oldest son, Charles, went to Mitchell Vo-Tech," recalled Jim, Sr, "We started building two stall garages, then someone wanted an addition built." With that Jarding Construction had its humble Humboldt beginnings, "From then on it was one house after another," he added.

John, Jim Jr., and Jim Jarding Sr.

In 1978, Jardings bought a lot with an old house on it. They tore down the house and built a new home it its place. Recollecting that first home built, John Jarding "I think we got $33,000 for that house. At 1,200 square feet we thought it was quite a house." In typical Jarding understatement he noted that prices for homes have gone up a bit since then.

1978 also saw the erection of the Jarding shop in Humboldt. "It was 70' x 120'," remembers Jim, Sr. "At the time it was huge, doesn't seem anywhere big enough anymore," he added.

Oldest brother Charles would leave the family business to focus on steel building development. While youngest brother Bob would go into the electrical supply and construction business, but continues to provide all the home wiring services for the family business. Says John, "It's grown a lot. It went from Jimmy, Charles, dad and I to now having about 15 employees."

Custom home by Jarding Construction

From beginning to end the Jardings have had a great passion for their business. Jim, Jr. (Jimmy) works with customers to develop plans and sell the jobs. "Taking peoples ideas and dreams from a scrap of paper, to a plan, to building. Then stepping back and seeing that it's what the home owner wanted. We know that the people have a good house and it will stand there for years."

John picks up where his older brother leaves off. "I usually get in on the ground floor, set the elevations and determine how it will look on the lot. I mainly manage the job after Jimmy sells it." John adds that they take great satisfaction in being able to look at the finished job and seeing that they have accomplished something.

With a particular flare for woodworking, the Jardings seek ways to set their specialty homes apart from others. About six years ago they purchased a molding machine to manufacture their own millwork. Says Jim, Jr., "We will use different varieties of wood species not typically found in homes." With their ability to cut their knives to meet home owners desires. Says John, "We've got a few profiles we normally run, but if a customer doesn't like any of those we'll draw one that they do and make it for them."

The Jardings will tell you that the key to having a successful building experience is communications. Says Jim, Jr., "Naturally we are in business to make a living, but it's critically important that the customer gets a home they can enjoy for years to come. The fewer complaints a customer has the better it is for our business." 

And things continue to 'naturally' evolve for Jarding Construction as they joined to develop Kelly Point Addition a major housing addition in Hartford , South Dakota . As the greater Sioux Falls area continues to bust at it seams, surrounding communities are discovering a great demand for quality housing. Jarding Construction plans on being their to help meet that demand. "We believe we build a quality home," says Jim, Sr., "We want people to be satisfied, that's what we try to do." .and all they have to do is act naturally. 

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